Thankfulness #81: Hubby, Symbols, and Banners

Today I am thankful for hubby’s thoughtfulness. I’ve been staying up until well after he goes to work, so by the time I go to bed I’m pretty tired. Normally he has torn the bed up, and I have to basically remake it, fix the bottom sheet. find my pillows and stack them back up…you get the drill. Well, when I went to bed last night, it was already done. Pillows stacked, blankets all spread out. It was very sweet of him to do that, especially since he was on his way to work.

Now on to the symbols. While talking to someone on Facebook tonight I had a brilliant idea finally for the cover silhouette… okay, to be fair the bit I am using for the silhouette had not been written until today, they hadn’t been in the location before, and I hadn’t planned on them going, but… surprise.

So I got the cover mostly done, except the tag line, and that includes the symbol I use on the spine and that will be the chapter headings:



I will say this much about it, it is used in the story as the symbol of the Night Goddess at a ritual. (It’s not as exciting as it sounds, I promise you.)

But I have also decided 100% to push the publication date back a month, so I made a new facebook cover image to reflect that:


The book wrapped in brown paper was tricky because the boxshot program automatically adds in the pages on the three sides of the book and only lets you wrap a texture on the spine…ah, now you’re getting it. Yes, I turned the book backwards and drew the pages onto the spine portion of the texture so when it wrapped it looked like it was covered in brown paper. I admit. I am pretty proud of it.

As I mentioned I did get some writing done.I am in a boring bit – the bits between stuff where I’m getting them from point A to point B. All those mundane things that have to happen like feeding, and telling where the f*** the car came from, and that crap. That’s one thing I love about visual stuff. Like I have been slowly making it through Voltron season 2, and they just skip huge chunks. One minute Keith in his room. Then he’s in the loading dock in his uniform. We know he got dressed. We know he walked down there. but in a book you have to SAY all of that. If nothing else you have to say “An hour later Keith trooped through the landing dock, dressed in his paladin uniform, a bag of possessions on his back” but in the visual version it might be an hour later, it might be six hours later, no one cares. You have more room. You can also pull of a lot of tricks visual that you can’t in writing. Like Father from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or the Naru dreams in Ghosthunt. I tried to do that in another book, but in writing it just didn’t work. All the betas figured out the truth too fast and thought the main character was stupid, or else they were completely confused (when I tried a vaguer version). The upside to writing though is that it’s faster then animating and doesn’t require an entire team just to draw it.

All right, and with that I am outta here. Gonna update the author facebook page, write up my blog announcement for the date, and take pics of my prizes for the valentine’s party Saturday.

Have a bed is made kinda day!

Jo 🙂




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