Thankfulness #84: Turtle Art

Today was pretty uneventful for me. Hubby had a bad day, though 😦 But that’s his story, not mine. I have my opinions on it, but then I often have opinions, so there you go.

As for me, no writing, but I did get a book cover done, and did some work on a second, and I did the Terrible Turtles page for the week. This one took me… Okay, I was gonna say it took me longer than usual because it had more drawing, but checking time stamps it took me less than three hours. Nice. It shows what you can accomplish when your graphics tablet works. Yes, it continued to work when I plugged it in tonight. I almost used it for my thankfulness item, but I’ve already done that, and these are supposed to be unique items, so…

So tonight I am thankful that the page turned out so well. It was quite relaxing to draw, which it usually is not because by the time I ma past the tablet mess I am almost out of time and stressing, but without that I enjoyed it.

Nothing really to say. Tomorrow night we’re going to Emerson to a viewing party for the Malvern Manor on a ghost hunter’s show. Hopefully we can get there in time – hubby has a full work day, so he won’t be home until 4:30, then he has to bathe, change, and all that jazz before we can even head out, and Emerson is… I dunno… a half hour or more from here. But we’re gonna try it. Worse comes to worse they can tell us what happened when we get there :p  At one point hubby did not even want to go because of the close proximity to getting of work, but I did, so he gave in because he is a good hubby like that. I am looking forward to it for several reasons, one of which being that we ghost hunted there for a birthday party. I don’t know that I blogged it, I think that was when I was just facebooking everything. But we had a couple of creepy things happen. Hubby heard a voice whisper in his ear, and later, when hubby and I were all alone in the upstairs, we were almost to the end of the “bloody” hallway when we heard some stuff hit the floor in the children’s room. We went to look, and a notebook and a penny that had been on the dresser were on the floor. Also they got a recording of a voice saying “this is my room” while they were giving us the tour. You could hear the tour on the recording and then in the middle a voice – which we did not hear during the tour – saying that. There is really so much energy there. I would love to go back some time – especially because I did not even get much in the way of photos!

Yeah, that was it. Sad, huh? It’s because my phone died.

And speaking of dying, I an dying for sleep, so I am ending this.

Have an awesome turtles kinda day!

Jo 😉




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One response to “Thankfulness #84: Turtle Art”

  1. panda1970 says :

    My Aunt June would love to go that haunted place!
    Speaking of things that are haunting, a ghost-bird swoop down toward her dog, Winchester.
    Later on, we found out it was 3 entities that came together, and formed the bird.

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