Thankfulness #85: Squishable & Paranormal Lockdown

First, I got my awesome valentine’s present from hubby today.  Pebbles the penguin!

Then we went to Emerson for the event I mentioned last night.

Had a good time and enjoyedr the show. It was cool seeing it on TV because we’d been there and they totally agreed with me about the hallway having something nasty in it. Angry. In fact they spend a lot of the show on it. So that was vindicating.  Then they got voices in Grace’s room, which was where we got the voice on the recorder, and then they got lots of thumping and banging by the kids room, which we did too (that was also where the stuff was knocked on the floor). Though I disagree with them on the front parlor. The chick was talking about it being unwelcoming but I found it the opposite. I thought it was the nicest feeling room in the building and in fact I spent some time there by myself calming down after the hallway. But, different people. Maybe they didn’t like her for some reason.

We left shortly after coz hubby didn’t feel well, but it was still fun.

And now I am signing off. Have a giant penguin kinda day!

Jo šŸ™‚

PS. The gel eyeliner works much better.


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