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Thankfulness #96: Fido is better

After doing a lot of peeing, Fido is no longer hacking and coughing, in fact his breathing sounds much better. His moral was also boosted by chasing a squirrel and then at dinner time I boiled him an egg and cut it up, so that when he begged for food (he always does this and I always share pretty much everything I eat with him) I had something to give him. He seemed to enjoy it, and he also got a little taste of chicken, and he seems to like the little marshmallows for treats almost better than his biscuits.



Of course with running him out, making him eggs, and such and such I did not get as much writing done as I planned. I did crack open the jelly we got from the Onward store in Onward, Mississippi (which is the home of the Teddy Bear, by the way!)


It was good but very sweet. I think half the piece of bread would have been plenty.

I also got to cook that chicken I started marinating the other day:


ready for the oven

I made some smashed potatoes to go with it – there was rosemary left over from the chicken and I had some thyme left from last week, so I used that with some garlic. The chicken is supposed to be cooked on a grill, but being 30 degrees I wasn’t doing that, so I baked it instead, and it came out nice:

So I can officially say that if you sort of follow the recipe (like I always use chicken breasts instead of cutting up a whole chicken, I always add extra garlic, and extra spices), let it marinade for 48 hours, and bake it in the oven it is delicious. I need to make notes about all of that on the recipe in my book.

We’re caught up on WWE and ready for Fastlane this weekend. Raw was entertaining as usual – I am waiting for Jericho to turn KO’s world upside down and make him pay. I am also still waiting to see if they tie in his motivation past the idea that he’s mad about the Goldberg match. Triple H did pull him aside and had a private conversation right before KO turned on Jericho, just like Triple H did with Seth Rollins before he betrayed Shield… just a thought. And obviously Rollins will be at Wrestlemania after all – when they take the time to say “You better not”, they really mean, “We’ve got you billed.” Besides, Triple H needs some big feud for it.

As interesting as RAW has been getting, Smackdown though. The Randy Orton thing… that was a little dark for the family friendly version of WWE. The hole full of what looked like raw hamburger and worms and all that bit about her last screams… I mean *I* enjoyed it. I’d like to see them delve a little into the supernatural stuff with Bray because his character has that potential – they could set him up as a kind of Undertaker replacement insofar as Undertaker is supernatural and all that. I also really enjoyed Maryse beating the crap out of Niki Bella – but then I hate the Bellas, so…

In all they both have some good story lines going that make me want to actually watch each episode instead of being content to miss several as I have been in the past. Waiting to see if they can keep the momentum, though.

And now I am going to go give the dog another Lasix, then try to write a bit more.

Have a doggy is feeling better kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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