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Thankfulness #98: Being a Hedgehog

Today I was a hedgehog. I do this occasionally during colder months (it’s too hot in the summer) by wearing my hedgehog kigurami jammies all day.


(This is what a svelte thin person looks like in them. I look more like a marshmallow, but that’s okay:)

Image result for hedgehog kigurumi

Anyway, I got a little bit of writing done, had a nice visit with my Uncle, helped hubby BBQ:


and discovered some tea that tastes like my Grandma Harris’ back yard used to smell in the summertime:


Oh, and watched WWE Fastlane. I’m kind lukewarm on it. It was mostly just as expected…I knew Sasha would win, I knew Goldberg would win,I knew Joe would win, I knew Enzo and Cass would lose. Cesaro and Roman were the only vague surprises. Not that it was a BAD pay per view. I mean, everyone did a good job, it just didn’t have many surprising story line twists or upsets that I didn’t see coming.

Not much else so I am going to get back to writing. I have a character to kill off.

Have a good one!

Jo 😉

Thankfulness #97: Pikachu

Yesterday we went to Omaha first the weekly shopping but since it was nice we stopped at the park and then the Gene Leahy Mall (also a park) where I caught…

And then made:

It took several tries because the buggers kept running away, but at last!

I’d say more but I have work to do. Have a Pikachu day!

Jo 🙂
PS.  Playing with hats at Walmart 

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