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Catching Up Again

I got behind the last two days, so let me get my thankfulness out:

#120: Monday I was thankful for hubby listening to me whine. I was sick, so most of the day is a horrible blur, but when he came home he was nice to me briefly 😉 I kid. he was mostly nice to me. Though he said I was whiny.

#121: Tuesday I was thankful for some quality pokemon lure time. Also to Sherry for having the book back super fast. Dang!

Other than pokemoning I have been combing through the book deleting nuisance words (like 100+ too and a bunch of scoffs and… yeah). I’m ready to start another read through, though since hubby will be home in about half an hour I don’t know about starting it. We’ll see what he has planed. I’ve been doing some book cover work for others, as well as myself, and the collector’s cover for Goddess will be revealed soon:


Besides that, I’ve been watching Hell on Wheels with Dad  – we get a couple episodes in at night. I admit, at first it didn’t catch me that much and I would work while we watched it, but lately I’ve been closing the laptop and giving it my full attention. We’re on season two now. (If you don’t know, it’s a western that follows the people building the Union Pacific railroad. they’re supposed to be near Council Bluffs, but I snicker at the landscape. No way is that what Iowa looks like, or looked like in 1865.) It’s kind of gritty – the events are girtty-ish (I’ve run into worse, like so far I don;t think a single woman has been raped, which would have happened long ago in some other series), but the real gritty-ness is the sets and costumes. they take great pains to show the mud, the dirt, the muck, the blood. I’m not usually into too much of this grit. Sure, I like realistic, but there’s a line where it just gets gross, but there’s enough suspended belief with the characters and their interactions (like the woman British aristocrat woman who is running around dressed as a man) that I can go with it. I guess the two extremes balance each other out. I do wish the Swede would get killed, though. And the only characters I am really rooting for are the Irish brothers. (Sean is adorable) though they’re kind of turning a bit. I’m also warming to the lead character Bohannon a little.  I wasn’t enamored with him in the first few episodes because he was kind of a selfish jerk, but he’s getting better. I will also note that the woman with the “Indian tattoo” aggravates me just a hair because I know about the real story/woman it was based on, which of course has nothing to do with this story at all.

And now I leave you. Have a pokemon lure kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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