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Thankfulness 124:Lots of Stuff

I’m thankful for lots of stuff today.

#1: Today was my book launch. Goddess of Night is available everywhere and goes up to $3.99 tomorrow. The awesome Book Born group is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win one of three free copies via Amazon, so check that out. <—click that link right there or this one to go straight to Amazon.

#2: Today was WWE Payback and I was very happy with it as a PPV! (So I’m sure everyone else is mad). Everyone I wanted to win won (except Roman vs Stroman, but you knew that was coming.) I was surprised to see Jericho win, given his album dropsย May 2nd and his band is on tour after that. Neville winning was fine – I kind of like this evil Neville character. I like both Shaemus/Cesaro and the Hardy Boys, so either winner was cool with me there (though his tooth! My god, he lost his tooth, had a big hole in his gum, and just kept going! Where was all the blood? Was he swallowing this stuff?? Insane!) but I did think the attack at the end was unwarranted. I liked the ย better as good guys, though I guess Cesaro is due for a heel turn. Unbelievably, I was rotting for ALexa Bliss – she has grown on me. She’s such a little b**** and she’s just so evil…I dunno. I admire that. I hate Samoa Joe so was glad to see Rollins beat him. And the House of Horrors match – the first half was a lot of fun, with all the horror gimmick things (though it would have been snazzier had they been able to set the house on fire, but I imagine the owners weren;t keen on that, and that that was the point of the red lights at the end to make you think of fire without having to use it.)ย I was also delighted to see Bray win, BUT he could have won all by himself without interference. I realize the point of the interference is to end the Wyat/Orton feud and push the Orton/Jinder feud because of the shake up and Orton and Wyatt being on different shows BUT I think it took away from Bray, who I think WWE under-utilize as it is. But, I did mention the other day that I like those Rotunda boys, so…

#3: I got Paint Shop Pro x9 Ultimate set up. Finally. I know, I have been hanging on to X2 for years but the time has come to upgrade. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours setting it up (my toolbars and all of that). I’m having an issue with the tool options palette. I like it floating with auto-hide but I can’t seem to get it to auto-hide…and without rolling up it is 100% in the way. I’ve tried docking it right now, but my active area is practically non existent that was, so…

I did try out their new “templates” and made a “scrap book page”


Fun, huh? Probably took me longer to use their template than it ould have to make it from scratch, but what the heck.

And now I need to go to bed!

Have a House of Horrors kind of day!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚



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