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Thankfulness #126: Paint Lessons Learned

Today I was thankful for good paint. When we first redid the bathroom (and the other rooms for that matter), we bought cheap Walmart brand paint because that’s what we could afford. It never stuck very well, took multiple coats, and started chipping last year. (Hint, we only painted it in 2014). This year we finally got to paint the dining room, but because of the water stains I opted to finally buy some more expensive paint (Glidden stain blocker), even though it cost twice as much as the usual brand. That stuff went on so nice that I bought a gallon of white to touch up the bathroom with. All I can say is, yeeeeeah. One coat and the stuff looks amazing. It went on like butter, covered everything, including the neon pink that was peeping out from under the white.

So, lesson learned. buy the good paint to start with.

And now I am going to finish this chapter and then go to bed.

Have a butter paint kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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