Blogophilia 12.10 – Honeymoon Part 3

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the fun blog group where Martien gives participants prompts to use in their weekly blog. This week’s prompts are:


I’m continuing the Honeymoon story from the last two weeks 🙂 In June I am going to have to get with it and start on Executioner stories again.

The bushes parted and a redheaded vampire stepped out. His hair was wild, and his new coat torn. He fixed them with violet eyes and said, “Eli’s coming.”

“Who?” Jorick demanded.

The bushes rustled and a second figure stepped out. Curly brown hair fell around her shoulders, and an uncertain smile played on her lips. “He’s…well…”

“Who is this?” Jorick cried, but Katelina recognized her.

“You were at the wedding.”

She nodded emphatically, and Verchiel said quickly, “This is Sharon. Sharon, that’s Jorick and Katelina. As I was saying, Eli’s coming, so I wondered if I could leave her with you for a few days?”

Jorick roared, but Katelina hushed him. “Who is Eli, and why does she need to stay with us?”

Verchiel’s expression turned tragic. “It’s a terrible story, full of jealousy, cruelty, and a rather long blood debt. But it’s a story better told later. I did mention-”

“Eli’s coming,” Katelina and Jorick said in unison.

He nodded and took Sharon’s arm to tug her towards them. “Here.” He handed her off to Katelina, who wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to distract him.”

Verchiel disappeared in a streak of red and black, almost too fast to see.

“Sorry about this,” Sharon said. “It was his idea.”

“I’m sure it was.” Jorick turned back for the house, his shoulders stiff and his hands wadded at his sides. Katelina could feel his anger and annoyance, but what was there to do? They couldn’t leave the woman out here with some mysterious Eli on his way.

She motioned Sharon after her, and followed Jorick to the house through the balmy air of night.  As they drew close, she saw a small group gathered on the porch. A Japanese girl, dressed in a puffy pink dress, looked no more than thirteen. Three males clustered around her. The tallest had long black hair, while a redhead leaned on a cane, his right trouser leg tied off above where his ankle had once been. The third was still human and no more than seventeen, if he was that old.

It was their guests.

“Jorick-ue!” Maeko hurried towards them. “You have brought a new friend!”

“I don’t know who she is,” he said flatly, stopping before the diminutive vampiress. “Verchiel dumped her on us.”

Sharon cringed into herself. Katelina felt the prickle of her humiliation and sighed. It wasn’t her fault . “There’s someone after her.”

Maeko bowed and introduced herself, then took Sharon’s hand and led her onto the porch. “I am sure Jorick-ue means to welcome you. Let’s go inside and discuss your circumstances.”

Jorick made a noise that said she was wrong, but they followed the pair into the living room. Maeko sated Sharon on the couch, then perched next to her, motioning Katelina to take the other side.

Sharon wrung her hands uncomfortably. “I met Verchiel at the citadel, where we went to the wedding.”

Maeko nodded encouragingly. “I thought Sharon-san looked familiar.”

Sharon shifted uncomfortably. “Yesterday Eli showed up. He’s-he’s my master. Was my master. I suppose he still is, but my blood debt is paid. Or he said it was.” Jorick coughed, and she cringed farther into herself. “After he released me, I left right away. He was fine with it, until Robin saw me at the citadel with Verchiel. I know he called Eli, and that’s when he came running. He claimed he hadn’t released me; that I ran away, and that I owed him another twenty years. But I don’t. It’s been thirty already! It’s ridiculous.”

“Blood debts can last centuries with an unscrupulous master,” Jorick muttered.

“Who’s Robin?” Katelina asked.

“A friend of Eli’s. He’s a sniveling snake. I knew as soon as I saw him that trouble was coming. I warned Verchiel about it.”

“Are Sharon-san and Verchiel-san a couple?” Maeko asked delightedly.

Sharon flushed and shook her head. “Unfortunately no. He’s fun, but I don’t think he looks at me as anything serious. I thought he might, when he first volunteered to get me out of the citadel, but I don’t think so anymore.”

“It’s hard to tell with him,” Katelina said quickly. “I’m curious where the jealousy and abuse come in.”

Sharon looked away. “He…he wasn’t a particularly kind master. He never loved me, not a real, normal love, but as I said, as soon as he found out I might be with someone else…”

She trailed off and Katelina decided to let it go – for now. “So this Eli followed the two of you from the citadel?”

Sharon nodded.

Jorick made a low noise. “I’d like to know why Verchiel chose to come here in the first place.”

Sharon shrugged. “He said he had a friend here who’d be willing to help. Isn’t that you?”

Katelina hurried to answer before Jorick could correct her. “Of course we’ll help you. I’m just not sure what we’re supposed to do.”

“I don’t know what his plan is, either,” Sharon admitted. “I thought we’d discuss it on the way, but he had music going the whole time. His taste is bizarre. Everything from American Pie to ACDC.”

Maeko patted Sharon’s knee. “It seems the best thing to do is wait for Verchiel-san to arrive and tell us what he has planned.”

“Assuming he’s thought that far ahead,” Katelina muttered.


I may add some more next week.

And now for my guesses:

Topic: Irene

Bonus: Rebecca, and Dave Coon

Picture: Jessica Brooke Miller

Secret Phrase: Light in the dark, In the shadows, In the basement, Light left burning, Who left the light on?, Can’t believe the power is still on, Abandoned house, alone in the dark, Left in a hurry, That was some party


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  1. Martien (Marvin) says :

    Eli’s coming! 8 points Earthling!


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