Mt. Pleasant to Home

I should have posted this last night. Yesterday I was thankful for making it home safely after a good trip.

The weather was pretty good. Warm, but there were some amazing clouds!

(I’m trying the new image insertion tool in the app but I can’t find a way to make galleries. Hmmmmm.)

First we visited his mom’s grave.

We tried to see his step dad, but he and his new wife were not home. So, we drove around Mt. Pleasant a bit. This is the town hubby and I met in. I moved there senior year and he came back (after having been out with Leukemia) that November. After graduation we moved in together in an apartment over the top of a bookstore. 

Just a cool building

We did some other poking around, like went out to Oakland Mills park, the place we got married at.

The bridge we got married on

The skunk river

Returning to the scene of the crime, ha ha!

And we had to stop in Salem for some Hunts Brothers. 

Then we visited Bob and his family for awhile. Bob was Hubby’s…well, probably best friend for awhile there. We spent a lot of time with him in the three years I lived in Mt. Pleasant.  It was nice to see him, as it’s been a bit. He hasn’t changed much, which is also always nice, ha ha!

We stopped back at Mt. Pleasant for dinner:

Pail Revere’s breadsticks are the most amazing ever.

Played with a caterpillar 

Then headed home. We ended up seeing some rain.

And missed our exit and ended up having to cross the river in Ottumwa:

But all in all a good trip. And we found out they put a fancy new bridge in Burlington, so we’ll have to go back to see it. (Apparently instead of swinging out of the way for barges, like Fort Madison, it lifts up. Snazzy!)

And now I need lunch and to finish unpacking. 

Have a good trip kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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