Last of the Rose Photos

And for your enjoyment, here are the last of the rose garden photos from Lauritzen Gardens!


I’m still really happy with how these came out. Those overlays really made a difference from bad lighting to magical sunset sparkle, LOL!

Okay, probably be back later for my daily thankfulness post.

Util then/if not have a sunset roses kinda day!

Jo 🙂


About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at or drop me a line at

One response to “Last of the Rose Photos”

  1. Roger says :

    I love roses, but the local dog fox ate them, and did certain other things to what was left. Now I have flowers that he hates. Not so bright but safe(ish).

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