The last couple of nights we’ve had some pretty interesting storms with a LOT of lightning. Both nights the brother and I headed out of town to get some lightning shots. I don’t want to say we’re both fraidy-cats, but we do get spooked. The first night we had an okay time at our first spot – wasn’t creepy or anything, but the storm moved away, so we had to relocate. In the second location, we were on a hill, in the pitch black, on a gravel road in BFE, surrounded by the lowing of either cows or bullfrogs (really, it was bizarre sound that was sort of a mixture of the two and unlike any frogs or cows I ever heard), when there was a scuttling, scraping sound, kind of like I imagine The Luggage in Discworld novels makes, or the sound of some kind of very large crab. It scuttled/dragged itself across the gravel and into the weeds along the side of the road. By the time we got the light up and on it (I did mention it was pitch back out as the storm – and lightning -were in the distance, right?), the thing was concealed in the tall grass and the deep ditch. Needless to say, we decided it must be an alien facehugger. So, we left rather hurriedly. (laugh if you want, but I’m still alive.)

Last night we returned to the first spot (not stupid enough to go back to face hugger territory) but it kept pouring rain off and on (it’s hard to adjust a camera, hold a light, and an umbrella all with only two hands.)  Finally I set the tripod up in the backseat and rolled the window down just enough to take pictures out of it, ala FBI. I got some good ones, but then that weird frog/cow noise started, the wind picked up, and the rain really hit like a monsoon and we decided we were done. (I’ve left out the story of the radio coming on blaring music that nearly gave us both a heart attack, but it was exciting.)

So, today I am thankful to still be alive after adventures with the brother :p

As for those storm photos, here are some for you!

Tomorrow is the big Facbook party BTW. I’m giving away summer fun prizes. You don’t need to be a reader of my books to come join and play games, so there’s no excuse not to come!

Have a “not killed by a face hugger” kinda day!

Jo 😉


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