Bloomfield, Iowa

Today I am thankful that the rash seems to be getting a bit better. It’s still everywhere, but the smaller dots seem to be gone, so it’s just the big, heavy raised patches left. I saw myself when I snapchatted Jonathan today and noticed I looked a bit like a leper. Sad it is an improvement.

The lymph nodes are still huge though, so it hurts to turn my head or move my head. If they’re not better soon I guess another trip to the doctor is in order. Blech.

Not much else here, so thought I’d share some pics we took in Bloomfield, Iowa when we went over to Fort Madison and all that earlier this month.

I used Paint Shop Pro x9’s clarify and fill light tool to get that almost HDR look to these. I like the program for editing photos, but not for anything that takes text because it takes the text tool over a minute (literally) to load. This is probably because a) I have it installed on an older laptop and b) I have a LOT of fonts – like literally hundreds. Okay, I just checked and it’s 1,032 fonts. Yes. I need ALL of those. Every. Single. One.

I have also been toying a little tiny bit with the free trial of Photoshop. Sadly I got sick right after I installed it, so I have barely done anything with it, but I will say their heal tool is waaaay better than PSP’s clone brush… though I don’t know, X9 might have an equivalent I haven’t tried yet. I have opened a few of those PS files I bought (I buy some of those graphics bundles and they always come with a handful of photoshop actions and layer files and styles and such that I have never been able to do anything with – I do have an oooold version of photoshop elements that I bought just so I could make PDfs for book covers, but it won;t use smart objects or any of the rest of the fancy stuff.) Anyway, I’m thinking of signing up for the 10$ a month CC version.

And now I leave y’all and head to bed.

Have a less itchy kind of day!

Jo 🙂


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