Fort Madison Part 2

Today I was thankful for the brother being willing to do the grocery shopping (it was our week) because hubby had to work today and then went and mowed part of Dad’s jungle.

And now on the the subject of the post: More photos from our trip to Fort Madison!  These are downtown:

I have at least another round of these, some sunset pics, Salem cemetery, and I am almost done with West Point cemetery. Aren’t you excited? I can take a million pictures in a five minute span. Don’t believe me? Wait until I get to the Confederate Cemetery we visited in Mississippi (I think it was). Hubby gave me twenty minutes. I jogged from stone to stone (It also had a really, really OLD section off to the side that was fantastic) I probably took 200 photos. No, they won’t all make the cut, but there will be plenty, I’m sure.

Speaking of cameras, Hubby has been looking at getting me a new body. And while I want one because I need more focal points, I am looking at the rice tag and thinking instead maybe just a new lens for now. I won’t lie, my basic lens is in not so good shape. It’s been dropped/knocked off of places one too many times, and I lose the lens cap a lot and, well, anyway… I need to work on being better with lenses. I know.

Off to finish West Point. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂


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