Fort Madison Part 3

Today I was thankful for getting the wood we need to fix the deck with next weekend. There are three bards that need replaced – two came with a hole burned through them (I think the previous owners had a BBQ sitting there) and another has a chunk missing. Probably it had a knot hole in it that has gone soft over the years. Anyway, we got the boards today along with some more trellises for the roses (another big one to go by the driveway and two small ones for the baby rose by the air conditioner). I want to get some more to put around the hibiscus and get it off the driveway/it’s neighboring plants, and maybe a couple more the the baby rose. Someday this yard will be whipped into shape.

Past that I did nothing interesting, so we’re going to finish up the Fort Madison photos! Lucky you! We went to the park and then walked around a few blocks. Hubby used to have a paper route in the area, so it was fun. Except the two cemetery looking pics, which are from a cemetery.


Fun, huh?

Have a getting ready to get things done kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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