Salem, Iowa

Yesterday I was thankful for all the prayers and well wishes from my FB friends. Dad went in to the doctor for flu-like symptoms and they did a scan (the name of which I’ve forgotten) to check his kidneys and while they were doing it found a mass “near” his liver. He has to go in Monday for a CT scan on it. He does have a history of benign fatty tumors (he has one on his side, in fact, that they just left) so I am hoping that’s all it is. Unfortunately, on Monday the brother and I will be in Missouri (we’re scheduled to leave Sunday) and we can;t reschedule that because it involves too many people/places. But, hubby has put in to have Monday off and go with him to the appointments. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing and they can go celebrate with lunch out afterwards.

Anyway not much else. The rash is getting better slooooooowly, and I have to draw the TTC page tonight. So, moving on, here are some photos from Salem, Iowa we took while on the east side.


If you’ve never heard of Salem, you’re not alone. It has a population of 383 (so Google says) but it does have a timelord. I swear, there is a gas station there that looks like a shack (I seriously wasn’t sure about bothering to stop because it didn’t look big enough to have a bathroom) but inside it’s huge. And they sell Hunt Brother’s Pizza:


I love that stuff.

And now I a back to a book cover. Have a pizza kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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One response to “Salem, Iowa”

  1. cgcoppola says :

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your dad. And cool pictures (as always)!

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