West Point, Iowa Cemetery Part 1

Today I was thankful for making plans for October. Hubby and I have been planning to go see some friends in West Virginia in October, and we have now managed to include the Harveys too, so I will get to see even more of my favorite people! How awesome is that?

Other than that I did some more book covery things and did get some more photos edited (I’m going to start on some teasers for my Executioner stories next). Not much else of excitement except that Burger King f***ed up my order (the strong word is needed there). I’ve been counting calories and balanced everything out so I could have a piece of oreo cheesecake with dinner, then they did NOT give me my cheesecake, which the brother did not discover until he had come all the way home. No one was going to drive twenty-plus miles to go pick it up (I wanted to but got vetoed because, you know, gas costs money) so no oreo cheesecake. Hubby did get me a piece of strawberry swirl from Casey’s, which don’t get me wrong I appreciated, but it wasn’t the same. Boo hoo.

Anyway, on to the West Point photos.

Part 2 may come tomorrow.

Have a getting to see awesome people kinda day!

Jo 🙂


About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

One response to “West Point, Iowa Cemetery Part 1”

  1. thejissilly says :

    I can’t wait either. Thank you!

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