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7 Days of Thankfulness #1

Since I haven’t kept up, I thought I’d try doing it in seven day chunks. Maybe I can manage that much!

So, here are seven days of thankfulness for August 21 – 27:

1) I was thankful to be able to see the solar eclipse. Though it was only 90-some percent here, that was enough to be very cool. I also enjoyed watching it with Mom.

2) I was thankful for a message I got on FB. I don’t know if i mentioned in here how we had run into the Omaha Pokemoners and that’s how we were able to complete legendary raids (though I have missed Lugia, but can’t be helped.) Anyway, the very awesome Nikki who organizes them dropped me a line – it turns out she has read my books BEFORE ever meeting me. How cool is that?? I had been feeling a bit down about the writing thing (No, not because of that bad review on Lisiantha. I seriously thought it was fun. It’s sale numbers in general) and that really perked me up!

3) I was thankful that my Uncle Dave came over and helped my brother install Mom’s ceiling fan. When the brother tried to put it in, the lights would not work. Turns out it was the house wiring – they did the same weird thing in there that they had done with the back porch light (involving running two black wires to the light switch). uncle Dave caught it and now the fan – and lights – work. Though it has a bit of a squeak to it, if anyone knows how to fix that…

00 (1).jpg

4) I was thankful to get some weeding done – FINALLY! I have spent so much time feeling cruddy with the aftermath of the rash and am finally starting to feel a bit like myself again.

5) I was also thankful that we finally got started on painting the deck!

6) I was thankful to get to see Despicable Me 3 on Saturday. We had planned to go Pokemoning, and had driven to Omaha, when I got sick. It seemed a waste to drive back home and do nothing there, so I needed something low impact until I could start feeling better. This was perfect.

7) I am also thankful to be a co-jacket winner in Blogophilia!


(No, I don’t get a real jacket, but it means we have the most points this week.) If you don’t know from my Blogophilia blogs, it is a cool group where Martien gives participants prompts to use in their blogs. I have been a member since MySpace days (really!) but have not participated a lot. I am also grateful to Jonathan for giving me enough competition to keep me participating :p

And now I need to hit the sack! Have a thankful kinda week!

Jo 🙂

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