Blogophilia 36:10

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the fun blog group where Martien gives participants prompts to use in their weekly blog. This week’s prompts are:

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 36.10 Topic – Bell, Book and Candle
Hard (2 pts) Use 3 compound words but separate the compound words (i.e., if you choose the word “anybody” you have to use the words “any” and “body” separately)
Easy (1 pt) Quote Herman Munster of the The Munsters!

I should finish the Griselda story. Instead you’re going to get some cheesy photos. Well, I say cheesy, but they’re kind of pretty in my opinion. I might be biased about it, since I took them and edited them and what not.

As for the pics, you might be expecting a little bell, book, and candle from me, or maybe photos of some body in the woods – or any body, anywhere for that matter. I will say that though the ride produced some good pics, it was not so fun. It wasn’t mean time, or anything, but there were sick kids, and, well… let’s end it there. The train ride afterwards was great, though, and the trip back was fine, so that’s what matters. Of course, we all agreed we’d like to go on another ride, but what I’m dying to know is: when?

These are the only images I’ve managed to edit yet, though rest assured there are literally thousands of them left to do. So a lot to look forward to, huh?

And now for guesses:

Topic: Diana 

Photo: Stormy

  1. Strange Magic. 2. Something wicked 3. in the woods 4. Hocus Pocus 5. The Worst Witch 6. The Craft 7. The Witch 8. Blair Witch 9. The Love Witch 10. Practical Magic 11. Love Potion Number Nine 12. waiting for the coven 13. Crimson witch 14. Black magic woman 15. Witchy woman 16. season of the witch 17. cast a spell 18. double double toil and trouble 19. fire burn and cauldron bubble 20. Happy Halloween

About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at or drop me a line at

8 responses to “Blogophilia 36:10”

  1. Myke Todd says :

    Loving your picture set. You are so talented at photography… I just aim and click and hope for the best and if I am taking a picture of a person, I bark immediately for them to open their eyes. 🙂

    When you were a kid, did you ever get you hands on a old camera that never was used anymore… it had no film or battery, it was just cast aside, but not tossed in the trash… I said that to get to this… Did you ever take that camera out and take pictures around where you lived, or maybe even go to a park or wooded area? I did. Looking at your pictures here brought that to mind. I was thinking, I might have had at least one stellar image, had I just had a roll of film.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      That’s awesome and, as a matter of fact – yes, we did too! We had old cameras my parents gave us. We would walk around pretending to take pictures. We also had an old movie camera that didn’t work and would pretend to take movies as well!

      Ha ha! These are pretty much point, shoot, and doctor up later in an editing program. I think I took most of them going down the highway. The secret is to
      take 200 pictures and if you’re lucky 40 are worth keeping 😉

  2. Marvin's Blogophilia says :

    I do love a photo blog and yours was very very lovely indeed! 8 wonderful autumn points, Earthlling!! 🙂

    -The Martien aka Marvin House

  3. Christine Wichman says :

    Excellent photos Joleene!! Thanks for sharing, we don’t see the intense fall colors here in California, we have some colorful leaves of course, but not the real autumn forests you have pictured there. Where were the photos taken?

  4. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says :

    All such beautiful autumn photos. I love each one!

  5. singingclarice says :

    Loved the pics and your use of the prompts

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