Blogophilia 31.11 – flash fiction

It’s time again for blogophilia, the fun blog group where martien gives participants prompts to use in their blog. This week;s prompts are:

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 31.11 Topic – Fantasy in Moonlight
**BONUSES: Hard Bonus (2 pts.): Include a Favorite Tourist Spot in Colorado
Easy Bonus (1 pt): Use the word ‘mojo’


Sadly, I am out of short stories to write – the year of shorts is over (boo!) Now I have to edit them all and get them divided into two volumes! (Eek!) Though it may seem like a fantasy in moonlight, I hope to have Volume 1 out by the end of the month. I’m gonna need some major mojo, especially since I’m going to be visiting my friend Amy for two weeks, starting next Thursday. No, I won’t be going to Estes Park, but I will be visiting Blennerhassett Island.

This is one of those “for the points blogs, so here’s a little something I wrote for a challenge this week:

I never go to sleep, but I keep waking up, tattered memories hanging like torn silk in my mind. Disjointed, dismembered, all the important pieces missing. How did I get here? Where was I before? What happened before the darkness took me? I press against my skull, trying to force the shreds of recollection into something, but the picture they create is hazy. Darkness speeding by. Headlight reflecting on a wet road. The music too loud. The phone rings. I look away – The images are replaced with sound; so loud I try to cover my ears to block it. Screaming, crashing, rending. So loud. And then it’s gone and there is only darkness, the darkness that comes with death. thick, black, eternal.

I never go to sleep, but I keep waking up, tattered memories hanging like torn silk in my mind…

And now for guesses.

Topic: Christine

picture: Tyler

  1. in the shade 2. in a row 3. keep you under my wing 4. I’m not good at these 5. shadow 6. line of lions 7. I think they’re lions 8. Lying Lions. 9. or would that be laying lions? 10. I got nothing.

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3 responses to “Blogophilia 31.11 – flash fiction”

  1. Irene says :

    Anything for the points! 🙂

  2. Martien says :

    Sad you didn’t get to Estes Park, but you did get 8 points Earthling

  3. Christine Wichman says :

    Good luck with all of your editing Joleene! Great write and I love Estes Park, that is where the Stanley Hotel is right? As in The Shining….I stayed there once. 🙂

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