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It’s Cooooold Out There!

Hello, hello. Man, is it cold outside. I was going to stay indoors, watch some TV, do my Live Writing and let Pokemon Day pass me by. Of course, in the end, I didn’t. We did watch some TV, though. We’re on episode 12 of Voltron and my curiosity got the better of me, so I finally looked up Beast King Golion that it’s based on. Turns out it’s free on Crunchyroll, so we watched episode 12. It’s amazing the difference a few lines of dialogue make in the show to make the two episodes very different from one another. Golion, of course, is the superior story line since its the original, so it makes more sense. But I still love Voltron anyway.

As for Pokemon, we ended up hitting Red Oak for a couple hours. I did not get the shinies I wanted, but hubby hatched a shiny cleffa, which he was nice enough to trade me for my Starmie from 2016, netting us both luckies.


And I got some of the special eevees. When you evolve them, they keep their flowers.

Hippie Vaporian

I also snagged a second Smeargle.


And got some fun AR shots:

Spheal in the snow

Snorunt is cold

The arctic explorer is bundled up against the cold.

The snow pile was really amazing. Zoomed in, it looks like an LotR mountain.


Other than that my big accomplishment was that the brother finally got his homemade noodles. I’ve been supposed to make them since January 3rd (his birthday) but something always happens. Not tonight, though.

So there were the highlights of my day. Tomorrow is turtles qnd hopefully hanging some shelves. Good times.

Have a birthday noodles kinda day!

Jo 🙂

AR fun…

I’ve been playing with the Pokemon Go AR, with the goal of producing one good AR shot a day in an effort to get back to being creative. Anyway, Niantic finally released Smeargle, a gen 2 pokemon (hint: the game is on gen 4). Long story short, the way to encounter him is to use the new AR photos. After a random number (took me 82, meanwhile I had one friend who took 6, one who took over 209, and Jonathan who took ONE!) Smeargle photobombs your picture in the corner – like so:

Then you get to catch him. Needless to say most of those 82 shots were useless, but there were some fun ones.

Abra falls asleep watching TV

Oh no, a bat!

It’s Dracula, isn’t it?

OOOoooooOooooooOoo. Spoooooky!

They each have one eye!

Ahhhh! A spider!

Shuckle is judging you.

And now he’s telling you about it.

“I wear my sunglasses at night…”

Think it needs watered.

And last, of course, is Smeagol himself. I mean, Smeargle.

We swears to serve the master of the precious…

And that’s all for now. Bonus snowman we saw in Red Oak:

Have a smeargle catching kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Discovery Rant and More

I watched Discovery and Orville last night and forgot to share this. Discovery has improved this season BUT Michael Burnham is STILL running things. Example: they receiving a hale from the planet below. Bridge officer tells the Captain. Before he tells them to answer, he, the captain, first LOOKS TO BURNHAM FOR PERMISSION! And this isn’t just any captain, it is Pike, in his prime, getting permission from someone who is not even his first officer! What???? In the whole show I think she is present for a single order that she does not then countermand in front if the WHOLE BRIDGE CREW. I’m sorry, but that’s not how Star Fleet works. It just irritates the crap out of me. They need to chill and either make her act like someone on her pay grade or promote her so it makes sense. If she were first officer, then okay, but she’s not. Or if she and Pike were long time friends, ok, but no reason he should be tolerating her behavior. Despite what the show tries to cram down our throats, she is not the most brilliant mind in Starfleet. They could get along just fine without her, do this constant butt kissing is wearing.

Orville was good. My only complaint is that it’s a two-parter and I have to wait to see what happens. I expected the usual trope with robots, which has not happened yet. If it does in part 2, I’ll be okay with it because it means we get Iasaac back. But if it doesn’t I’ll also be okay because it makes sense. By the way, no one in Orville spends all their time countermanding their captain in front of the whole crew, not even the first officer.

Also spent yesterday replaying Kingdom Hearts. 3 came out last month but we don’t remember the storyline, so we thought, what the heck. It was a snow day, after all.

After the blizzard.

Look what came in the mail. Just need set #5 at a cheap price! Yay!

And now for your AR photo of the day

Meowth says move, but Ancient Kitty doesn’t care.

And now I need coffee. Have a caffeinated kinda day!

Jo 🙂

P.s. bonus cat pic:

Pokemon AR Photo of the day

Today was a special research day. We started in Red Oak, hit Essex, and ended in Shenandoah with a total of 38 stops (and 38 clamperls).

The pokemon group from Red Oak was representing and we has 12 accounts, which was awesome since this time last year hubby and I had just us for PoGo. So grateful to have a community now.

Anyway, blizzard held off until after the event was over but we ran into it on the way home.

But I did get an AR so don’t fear.

And now it’s bed time. Have a shiny clamperl kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Pokemon AR of the day

And here’s some more. Not as good as yesterday but oh well.

Have a hope-the-blizzard-waits-until-after-tomorrow’s-pokemon-meet-up kinda day.

Jo 🙂

PokemonGo AR Fun

PokemonGo has added some cool AR features that combine game play with photography. Ooooooo yeah.

Fun, right?

Have an AR photo kinda day!


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