Archive | February 23, 2019

Pokemon AR Photo of the day

Today was a special research day. We started in Red Oak, hit Essex, and ended in Shenandoah with a total of 38 stops (and 38 clamperls).

The pokemon group from Red Oak was representing and we has 12 accounts, which was awesome since this time last year hubby and I had just us for PoGo. So grateful to have a community now.

Anyway, blizzard held off until after the event was over but we ran into it on the way home.

But I did get an AR so don’t fear.

And now it’s bed time. Have a shiny clamperl kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Pokemon AR of the day

And here’s some more. Not as good as yesterday but oh well.

Have a hope-the-blizzard-waits-until-after-tomorrow’s-pokemon-meet-up kinda day.

Jo 🙂

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