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Last Call for Poems

Okay, so I haven’t written anything here for a long time, but my mother Bonnie Mutchler passed away recently. That’s the subject for another blog, but anyway our friend and fellow poet DM Yates came up with the idea of doing a memorial poetry collection for her, and publishing it for free on Smashwords (who will then distribute it to Apple, B&N, etc.) I’m not going to pretend I have a name for this bad boy yet, so if you have any title ides let me know.

Also, I’m still looking for poems to include. They can be about anything: something fun and lighthearted, and epic story poem, a love story, whatever you want. The only limitations are that 1) you have to have the rights to it (aka if it is published somewhere else, you can’t have an exclusive contract with them) and 2) no politics or social issues, please, because I just don’t want to deal with the drama those topics can create.

Since there will be no fee for the book, there will be zero profits, so that means zero payment. This is just something fun we’re doing in Bonnie’s memory. If you’re interested you can hit me up on Facebook or email your submission to I’ll also need a short bio from you – two or three sentences is good – and I’ll have a contract that basically just says I have the non-exclusive right to use the poem and that you know that no one is getting any money from the project.

I have several poems already, and am hoping to start putting it together in the next week or two, but I am willing to extend the deadline if anyone needs it. Bonnie wrote with a lot of poets back in the MySpace days, and it would be great to see some things from some of them, even if they don’t remember her because she did remember them.

Thanks, everyone, and have a poem kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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