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A Year…Part 1

Greetings. It’s a blog. From me. Kind of scary, huh? Especially considering it’s been basically a year since I posted, except to ask people for poems. I didn’t realize it had been that long – and boy you’ve all missed some exciting stuff, like Easter. We made paper eggs to decorate the windows with, the town decorated the flower pots, and we had an Easter dinner with just us:

Then we had snow in April:

Then we finally checked out the Icarian Colony Historical Site (where we ran into some fellow tourists, which was fun!)

Then we put in the new raised mini gardens and the roses just went crazy – yeah, that one is the rose I’d planned to kill years ago because it never bloomed. (as is, it only blooms every so many years)

Fourth of July was fun

Okay, and since this is getting long, I’ll cut it off here. Look for part 2 tomorrow.

Have a firework and crazy rose kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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