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A Year…Part 2

It’s been a year since I’ve blogged, so I’m hitting the highlights that I should have posted about, but was too lazy.

I ended yesterday with the Fourth of July. July was also when my friend Rami came to visit! We went to the IABE expo in Des Moines:

We ate at an amazing Japanese restaurant:

And then we came back to Villisca and stayed the night at the Ax Murder house! Monica, Harlie, and my bro also joined us. Rami has some good videos about it on his youtube – I’ll link to them all at the end

And in August Mom got a new kitten named John Jones. Why is she named that? Well, it’s morbid, so you’ve been warned. 11 years ago a man named John Jones got stuck in a cave and very sadly died there. (google it) Well, this kitten spent the first three months we had her wriggling into every tiny spot she could, where she would then get stuck, and we would have to disassemble things to get her free. As you can guess, we would tell her, “You’re going to end up like John Jones.” Aaaaaaand….it stuck. Sorry little kitty.

Then we decorated the house for fall

And even more exciting, we got the roof redone! as well as the gutters and gussets:

And it looks like this is pretty long, so I’ll end it here and tomorrow will be part 3, which hopefully will be the end…though maybe not.

Have a new roof kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Rami’s videos:

The tour –

1st dowsing rod session –

2nd dowsing rod session –

Locking me in the closet –

Did the door shut on its own? –

dowsing rods number 3 –

Rami’s final thoughts –

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