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The Egg of Orlin

As I mentioned, my mother passed away in February. Though she had several poetry books published, they needed updated (formatting requirements change over the years, for instance), and there were three books that she hadn’t gotten put up yet. It took me two weeks, but I got all fourteen of them done in both ebook and paperback. Then, after waiting a month, we have finally received the paperback copies, and I’m pretty happy with them. Since there are twelve of them, I’m going to do one per post so that it’s not a crazily overwhelming post.

My mother’s amazingly succinct description: A collection of easy to read poetry; tales of warriors and maids, love lost and won, and the ever grim death that greets us all.

FREE ebook:

in paperback:

Have an eggy kind of day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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