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Rose upon the Water

I’ve been posting my mom’s poetry books for the last week rather than piling them all into one blog. As I’ve mentioned, we had to touch up the formatting because of new requirements (we’d planned to do it when she came home, but, well, that didn’t pan out). We touched up both the ebook and the paperback, and a few days ago we finally received the paperback versions, and I think they look pretty good. This is the only book that has an overarching theme to all the poems.

Mom’s much longer description, thanks to her old blog: A collection of romantic love poems written while in the throes of my first real love, back when I thought forever meant forever and everything was thrilling. Back when my heart felt so full of mixed emotions I thought I would die. First love is such a magic time, a time when everything is bigger, stronger and somehow more real. I hope everyone will enjoy reading them and maybe share one or two with their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to credit me.

Free ebook:


Have a romantic kind of day!

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