May is here

Sorry I’ve been quiet. I have a lovely abscess under my right arm that’s made typing, etc. pretty annoying. Though it’s gone down (thanks to the doctor), but I have to go back in and see if it’s done or if it’s going to need surgery to chop out what’s left. I’m hoping it’s a no on that as I’ll then be out of commission while that heals.

Though while we were at the doctor we found something funny:

Because of the abscess I haven’t done a lot, though we did manage to make some dandelion jelly. We did two batches with two different recipes. The first on was super lemony, but the second version tastes more like honey.

Other than that, not a lot to share that’s interesting. The lilac tree we planted four years ago has finally bloomed.

We had some really nice flowers a couple weeks ago

They’re all gone now, but the ones we have now are nice, too.

You’ll notice there’s a hydrangea in there. No, it isn’t the one of the pair we bought two years ago – We killed one of them, and this is the replacement. The other one is pretty much dead, but it has like four little leaves, so I didn’t want to murder it if it was still trying to struggle along. The holly is pretty much a failure – one of the bushes is still semi-alive, but I’m not going to try a fourth shot at the stuff – and I have my fingers crossed on the smoke trees. I’d really like an Italian Plum, but they were out of those, though we did get a Walking Stick tree, so pray for it, LOL!

And that’s about it. Have a flowers aren’t dying kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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One response to “May is here”

  1. Loni Townsend says :

    Gah! Sorry to hear about the abscess. That sounds like no fun. No fun at all. I do love your flower pictures, though. You’ve got quite the green thumb!

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