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The Wrong Railing

I got a Barbie cruise ship from the Awesome Possum Flea Market last week, but it’s missing the bow railing (and a couple other things, but since I paid almost nothing for it…) so I found the railing on ebay, ordered it, and….

And it’s the wrong railing, haha! *sigh* instead of the bow, it’s for the stern. So now we have to either try to modify it, have hubby design and print all new ones (so they match), or keep looking on ebay.

Gotta do some stuff then when I get back, gonna try making homemade salsa out of all the tomatoes the lady at the gun shop gave me.

Have a I-found-the-right-railing kinda day (unlike me)

Jo 🙂

Pot Pie

The storm amounted to nothing, which was both good and bad, so the sunflowers are fine.

Having a late dinner. We’re slumming it while Chris is gone, so it’s pot pies.

Am I the only one who breaks the crust up so it cools off faster? No. Never mind. Carry on.

Have a pot pie kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thought I’d post a sunflower update since there’s a storm coming and with my luck it will bowl them over, lol!

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