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Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! Hubby actually had days off (a miracle) so we were able to do a little bit. On Sunday we went to the theater in Shenandoah. We’ve decided that unless it’s a movie they don’t have, we’ll probably just go there from now on. They’re cheaper, closer, and just as comfortable as the city theaters. I’ve noticed that the longer I spend not going to Omaha, the more I don’t want to, anymore. We used to go every weekend for grocery shopping and pokemoning and just generally hanging around but now we shop groceries in Red Oak, thanks to pandemic changes I can Pogo from home, and to be honest I’m mostly hanging out at home.

Anyway, so we went to see Shang Chi, of course.

Was it good? Of course. The Marvel folks have a great sense of comedy timing, much like an anime, and just as things get too dark or heavy there will be something to lighten it, which is what most DC movies lack. There some bits that felt rushed, or glossed over -like Katy’s family – but I know it’s for time and to keep the pace going. I also felt they were clever to give us the proper pronunciation of his name (shawng not shange like I’ve heard most people pronounce it) and using the actor to tie this ten rings into the Iron Man movies and remind you who they are/were etc. Without having to dump flashbacks or a ton of exposition. Also loved the Asian cast was actually Asian, lol!

After a great movie, on the way home, we ran into Essex fireworks show, so we pulled over and watched it. Just a couple pics but it was really pretty.

Monday we went to Nodaway for an impromptu family picnic. Yeah, I forgot about Labor Day so I hadn’t planned anything til the last minute. But we had fun roasting the hotdogs on sticks and then we had smorez.

The weather was good, the food was tasty and the company was great. Hubby stayed behind to do ham radio and we came home. I was going to do work but the bro said I needed a day off, so we watched Gintama Silver Soul arc. We have 6 episodes left and then we’re done. Ahhhhhh! After over 300 episodes, I’m gonna miss the characters. (There’s a movie that came or recently that is the final final final ending that we will still have to watch. )

So there was my exciting weekend. Hope you all had a great time. Now, back to work.

Have a roasted marshmallow kind of day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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