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My Cricut printable sticker paper came yesterday. I’m not normally anal about having the name brand, but this has a kiss setting built into the program that will cut just the sticker and not the backing and it was almost 50% off. Can’t beat that.

What do I need stickers for? Halloweenapalooza is coming up and I have a vendor table. The last time, I did the selfie banner and gave away fake vampire teeth. Well, with covid, no one is going to want to pop vampire teeth in ans out of their mouth now. So, instead we’re doing a wheel of fate. The premise: you run into a vampire, what happens? Are you drained? Taken as a slave? Do they fall in love with you? Spin the wheel and find out. Yeah, I bought a wheel via Amazon. Who knew you could get them there?

So, the stickers. Originally I wanted to do tiny buttons that will say whatever your fate was from said wheel, because you can save buttons forever and they’re cute, but they’re pretty pricy and so tiny there’s barely room for my website address and, let’s face it, advertising is the point of this. Instead, we’re going with stickers, qhixh can be bigger and cheaper, but have the problem of being disposable. Guess you can’t have it all. Anyway, I need to design and then print and cut them sometime soon. I’m planning circles because they’re cuter, though I suppose squares would have more room. We’ll see.

What else that’s interesting? Not much, actually. Need to order spiders today, since I didn’t get my giant one, and get the rest of the Vella chapters posted.

Looks like my coffee is done, so calling this a blog.

Have a sticker paper kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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