Ice Cream and the Farmers Market

Ahhh! Fall is finally here. About frigging time, if you ask me. But things are starting to turn that crunchy yellow.

Since its nice out,, we finally went in to the new Falks ice cream parlor in Red Oak. It’s pretty cute.

The bro got a banana split, and I went for chocolate in a waffle bowl. We also got a rootbeer.

Falks ice cream is always good and I mean it’s whipped cream and a waffle bowl, so obviously it was an amazing lunch. It was too much for me to finish but still worth it. The rootbeer was really good, too. I’d never had that brand before, but it’s made with sugar instead of corn syrup which always tastes better.

Anyway we took our goodies to chataqua Park (or however you spell it)

Yeah, the Red Oak water tower is orange, not red. I don’t know why, but I do know people call it the great pumpkin (there are t-shirts in fact) so there’s that.

We breezed back through downtown to see what they’re doing with the old school -making apartments – and to see the house that has their Halloween stuff up already

That’s the school you can see behind it.

Anyway, so we stumbled into the farmers market- who knew they had an evening version???

Of course we bought stuff because duh. But I got Mel a present which I’m not posting. (Ha!) And then jelly, some traditional Swedish rye bread, a brownie, and a cool pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, I need more.

After the fun we came home to find that the freezer on our fridge had quit working again. I’m getting about sick of it. So we had to haul everything to the deep freezers and garage fridge and my uncle is going to come look at it. I’m tempted to just buy a new one, but $$$. The one we have now we got second hand from Craigslist because our other fridge died after only 6 years (I always hated that thing) and it was a “we need a fridge now” situation, but this one freezes up all the time. We have to pull the meat drawer out periodically and clean out ice and water that gathers there, and there’s a thing in the back that froze up once so that we had to empty the fridge and let it sit for 48 hours to thaw it. Luckily that just happened the once, but the water and ice under the meat drawer happens probably once a month or two, and now if the freezer isn’t going to work half time…

So, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, have an ice cream kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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