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Born to be Awesome

Not much here. Saturday was Villisca’s yard sale day but we missed it. I did pick up a free easel. Hamburg had popcorn day, too, and when we went there for a BBQ we ran into a closing yard sale that happily filled our car for free so, score! There were some vintage suitcases, which I’m crazy about, some glass vases and a very cool coffee/breakfast tray from the 70s or 60s that I am super stoked about. No pics yet because we still have to unload it all.

I also finally got to see Chris and Scott’s store and we got some cool things there including a Gandalf belt buckle. Pics later.

Anyway, the BBQ was fun and look at the awesome koozie Monica got me:

Though you can’t see it in the photo, it even has a bottle opener on the zipper. How freaking sweet is that???? Even better, I tested it out and it works great. Fit the bottle perfectly and kept my hand from getting cold, and with the stupid raynaud’s that’s an amazing bonus.

Okay, have a ton of work today so off I go.

Have an amazing koozie kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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