Flying Circus

Since Mom passed away – actually after we realized she wasn’t ever coming home and going back to normal- we stopped our weekly family game night. We’ve done it here and there, but not as an event like we used to. So, we’re trying to get back to that. (Trying to get back to a lot of things, but I digress.)

Yesterday Dad dug out a couple of his old paper games, Death Maze and Flying Circus. They opted for the airplanes, so that’s what we did.

We never made it past the introductory version of the game, though we did play four rounds of it. Chris (the Germans) won twice by loading the dice, and Dad and I (The Brittish) won twice by stopping the bro from cheating. 😉

We also had some fancy root beer.

It’s vegan and non GMO and what not,but mostly it’s just root beer with sugar instead of syrup, which is always better.

Still waiting on the dresser handles, and have to sand the desktop today. And try to find something to get the smell out. I wonder if baking soda and vinegar would? I know that works on shoes. Damn stray cats.

Speaking of cats, I leave you with two that were once strays but never contributed to the delinquency of my garage.

The orange Fluff ball is my Taffy baby, and the concerned stripey one is Mustard aka Tubby Bubby.

Have a retro game kinda day

Jo 🙂

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