The Desk

I’m back. I suppose I should have put this in the last blog, but, eh. I didn’t.

As you might know, I’m slowly turning Mom’s old bedroom info a craft type room. It’s going to have my Barbies, some of my craft stuff, the printer, the Cricut, that kind of stuff. I posted pics of the repainted cabinet and dresser earlier. There’s still a china hutch to paint, and then there is the desk.

No, we’re not painting it, in fact I hasn’t planned to do anything to if. The desk belonged to my grandma and grandpa Mutchler, and was one of the few things my grandpa promised I could have that I actually got. Before they owned it, it was from the offices of Lake’s Nursery in Shenandoah. My grandpa worked there, ans got it when they got did of it. It sat in their living room in their house in the country, and when they moved to Shenandoah it sat in their dining room. (Maybe that’s why in my books Jorick has a desk in his dining room.) But I spent a lot of my childhood at it.

Anyway, it’s large, so until now there’s been no room for if. We stored it at my dad’s house, then when we moved here and Dad moved in with us, we put it in the garage. I believe I mentioned what the ungrateful stray cats did to it. But, we had to strip the veneer off the top and will eventually redo it. In the meantime, after I fix a couple spots with wood putty and try that orange pet odor cleaner, I’m going fo just contact paper the top for now. Damn Beasts.

Anyway, so the room was ready for the desk,  the desk was cleaned and ready for the room, so we brought it inside only to discover that there was no way it was going to get past the door. No biggie. We took it off the hinges. But, it was 1/2 inch too large to go through the doorframe into the room.

1/2 inch.

So we had to take the doorframe off, clear down to the plaster. On one side, because the other side we plastered in when we redid the walls in that room. That meant we couldn’t take that side off, which made it basically impossible to get the door frame our. In the end we has to just loosen it and hacksaw through the nails one at a time. It took a long time, but, at last, the desk made it.

Looking into the front room. The wood on the right is the stuff we plastered in.
All the woodwork that needs put back.
The desk in all its glory. I have no idea where the missing handle is. It came that way. Since it’s a double drawer, it was just for show anyway.

I need to work on the top still, but I did get the drawer liner put in.

John Jones helping me line the drawers.

And that is the saga of the desk so far. I’m going to eventually put my photography light box on it, ans also use it when I use the cricut and the printer, which I need to so soon but first, to get the door all put back. *sigh*

Have a Lake’s desk kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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2 responses to “The Desk”

  1. markrhunter says :

    For me that’s old house problems–we’ve had to remove doors several times, and the bend in the stairway has permanent damage from moving furniture. We talked about moving my current desk upstairs, until we realized it would have to be completely dismantled.

    When I was about ten I was given a dresser, and ended up using it as my desk for the next twenty years–and it’s still in the garage attic … just in case.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      We’ve been pretty lucky because the kitchen door is wide, plus there were no doors on it when we moved here (we added them, ha ha!) same with from the kitchen to the back porch. When the new fridge comes tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes.
      Yeah, no way would I try to get a desk upstairs! Especially stairs that bend!

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