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Sunset and Pokemon Oreos

I’m going to preface this with a you do you warning. If you want to boycott Oreos, you do that. If you want to buy a couple of boxes, you do that, and most importantly respect what other people choose to do.

Now that’s over, you can guess by the following gallery which way I went.

If you count, you’ll see I’m missing two – piplup and squirtle. The two backwards oreos were charmander and sandshrew. I bought 2 boxes – not the packages, but the box with the individually wrapped two packs because that’s what they had. Plus I’m keeping one of the boxes, so score. I did get a mew, but alas they’re only selling for 50$ now, so I think I’ll just eat it. I’ll let you know if a 50$ oreo tastes different than a normal one.

(Seriously, for those not in the know, Google mew oreo sale. Four days ago they were selling for over 1,000$ a pop because Nabisco and Pokemon sold the public on the idea that the mew cookie was the rarest and people are literally collecting them to keep. I read one very long discussion on how to preserve the cookies is blocks of resin, for example. But yeah. 1,000$ for a cookie. Why, oh why do I have a conscience?)

I actually bought those cookies a couple days ago, but haven’t had the time until today to go through them. They’re all safely bagged up now and will be eaten.

Got a lot of boring house cleaning and such done today that’s been put off. Also made peanut butter cookies for our year of cookies thing we’ve got going on.

They turned out very big – so big I had to double hash mark them. I wonder why they require the fork marks? Was it a stylistic choice someone made once ans everyone else was like, “oh, great way to differentiate them from other brown colored cookies!” Or if it was just someone who didn’t want to flatten them by hand (you roll them in a ball then squish them with the fork to flatten them). I should google this.

All right, here is the answer from

So now we know. (And if that photo is unreadable, just go to the page and scroll down a bit.)

So, we’ve had a little education, and now it’s time for me to wrap some things up and hit the hay. Tomorrow is Shenandoah’s 150 year celebration but I can’t get anyone interested in going so I guess I’ll skip it. Might have been kind of fun, though. Normally I’d talk Mel and Monica into it, but they have covid so it’s quarantine for them. And they’re both pretty miserable, too.

So, I leave you with some sunset photos.

Have a mew cookie kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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