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Frames and Pickles

‘Sup? Not a lot that’s newsworthy here. Got the first layer of putty on the desk. Need to sand it and probably touch up a few spots. We did get the picture frames for the LotR paintings though. My mom painted a whole collection of them either before I was born or else when I was very tiny. Though they’re not all pictured here there are the two from the animated Hobbit (pictured below), then there’s the ring poem, Treebeard, then the fellowship, the bad guys, the elves, and…I forget who else. Anyway, as a kid these were always my favorite paintings of hers, which from an artistic point is sad because she has much better ones, but I was a geek even then. In her painting box we found the sketches for these, and the references she used from TV guide for the Hobbit characters. The rest she made up because no one had animated them yet or she hadn’t seen it. (Not sure when these were painted vs when the Return of the King or Lord of the Rings animations were released.)

Anyway, the frames worked well. I wanted something heavy and fancy originally, but given there are eight of them and wall space is tight, I think this is better. The box they shipped in was cray-cray huge, though! When it showed up I had no idea what it could be, ha ha!

So, now we just need to take the crow branch down and get these hung up. Maybe Wednesday. Then I’ll post pics of all of them.

I mentioned pickles in the title. Why? Because when we went to Texas someone introduced me to the world’s tastiest pickles. Which I’m now almost out of. And I can only buy in Texas. What??? I’m going to have pickle withdrawal!! I do have a jar if the chunks left, but they taste the same as the seasalt hamburger chips. Boo!!

Now I need to go eat my Ramen and get to work, but I leave you with a bonus gnome. Isn’t he adorable???

Have a Halloween gnome kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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