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Had some time last night to get the stickers test printed on the sticker paper and cut out via the handy dandy cricut.

Yeah, that made it sound easy. It took over an hour. First all the colors were messed up, so we tried aligning the ink cartridges…ha! All we could get was an error at the scanning portion. “Scan test failed”. Multiple times. Finally I said screw it, and we tried cleaning the head of the ink cartridge. That helped a little. Then we cleaned it twice more with alcohol and printed two full sheets of nothing but red. That finally did it, and we were able to create the matte stickers you see above.

Yeah. Matte.


I’m not a fan of matte. I think glossy looks far more professional. I should have researched the sticker paper better, but it was cricut brand and on sale at half off and the description said to use the “kiss” setting to cut only the sticker and not the backing paper, which meant cutting it would be easy.


The cricut maker has NO kiss setting that I could find! So after half an hour I finally turned to YouTube who told me to use the sticky note setting. Which worked perfectly, by the way.

But they’re still matte.

So I wondered what would happen if we printed it, then put a layer of clear glass contact paper on it, then cut it? That would make it glossy and protect the design, too. (I love clear contact paper, for future reference. That stuff is great).

So we did that. Needless to say that stickynote setting no longer worked. We tried increasing pressure. Nope. Used the sticker paper preset. Nope. Etc. Etc. It took several tries, but….

See that tiny circle on the right side about halfway up? Yeah. We got it to work.

Who knew that sticker paper and contact paper were that thick? To be fair, this sticker paper is pretty close to cardstock. Way thicker than I expected.

Anyway, so that’s sorted out. Now we have to print them all up, but that’s for another day. Until then, gotta get dinner made.

Have a successful cut kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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