Archive | October 2, 2021


The roku remote lives on. The other day I mentioned that it had been on 0% for days? So, Thursday while Dad was holding it, it suddenly changed to 1%. Weird, but okay. A few minutes later, it was on 2%. All right. Then, pop, 3%.

At this point I asked Dad if he was using energy transference spells or what. He said it was just his electric personality.

Later, when hubby and I watched American Horror Stories (with the S), the low warning was completely gone. I assumed Dad had changed batteries and ruined the experiment.

Nope. Not only did he deny it, but tonight, during Bonanza, it popped up with the 3% warning again. Either Microsoft programmed this thing or…

Or I dunno. I’m leaning on the Microsoft minute theory.

Not much else of interest, so here’s a bonus cat photo of Mustard aka Tubby Bubby.

Have a magic battery day!

Jo 🙂

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