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On for Days

For starters, no Halloweenapalooza for me . 😦 I had to cancel because of (topic not allowed). The only people who’d get that joke don’t read this, but anyway, it us what it is.

I haven’t posted in several days so this is to catch up. Yay.

First off, that contact paper we put on things in the new craft room? Stuff is already ripped. And it’s see through. Seriously.

I love the pattern, but if it can’t even be on a shelf without problems it’s no good to me, so Dad got some similar stuff from Walmart that’s cheaper and three times thicker. Not as pretty, but if it actually does the job…

Now we just have to strip all the old off and put the new on. The stripping part should be easy. I think if we snease on it, it should come loose. πŸ™„

And on crafty stuff, got the coasters put together. I used stone paint on the cardboard. I think they look pretty good. (Mom made the coasters for the bro for Christmas a few years ago, and we thought they’d look cool with out Tolkein decoration theme). They’re kinda bleached out in the pics, but you get the gist.

Oh. And thanks to Keaton and Jen, my pokemon cookie collection is now complete. The cookies have since been eaten, but their photos live on. (BTW, hubby ate mew and did not even notice, so a 50$ cookie tasted the same as a not 50$ cookie, just FYI)

Speaking of treats, we tried the cheese bread from Weee and it was amazing. I was going to share a link but they’re sold out. Sorry.

We have finally gotten the decorations started. Not a lot done, but I did weed the side of the house and we spider webbed our corpse. The big web is also up, but like vampires we did it after dark so I’ll get a pic tomorrow.

And speaking of decorations, the flood lights arrived. I just hope they’re actually bright, unlike last year’s.

On the topic of Halloween, we’re doing our spooky show a night thing again this year. Hubby picked Earnest Scared Stupid for night 1. Then we had It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown because it’s a classic. Then Wolfcop (via Hulu), which was new to us, and actually pretty funny.

“Who are you?” (Spoken to Wolfcop who is a giant wolf in a cop uniform)

“The fuzz.”


It also covered some aspects of werewolves I never thought about before. *snicker*

Then there was The New Misadventures of Icabod Crane, which is a staple from my childhood that you can watch on YouTube. And tonight was The Fog via Amazon Prime. I had never seen it, but I remember my mother telling me it was stupid – and I hated John Carpenter’s Vampires – so we picked it purposely because we wanted stupid and bad. Only after discovering that it was a good movie did we google and realize it was the remake she said was stupid. Ah, well. It happens. Have a ghost one for tomorrow that looks good.

And last, but not least, the first three gourds have been picked. Aren’t they cute?

And that’s all I’ve got. It’s after bed time, so I’m outta here.

Have a surprise good movie kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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