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RIP Roku Batteries

Just a quick note to say that, after days of bouncing from 3% to 0%, the roku remote’s batteries finally died tonight. Never fear, they have been replaced.

The last Halloween shows they saw were…

Which was our Friday selection and was pretty sappy. I recommend for very small children.


The House on Haunted Hill. Always a classic, and it was our Sunday choice.

At least they had a good run.

Clouds and a Peace Lily

Hello, hello. This blog is gonna be pretty much what it says it is. First, my mom’s memorial service will be next Sunday, so our cousin Theresa sent a beautiful peace lily.

And as for pretty clouds, here they come!

And that’s it. Look forward to some Halloween tomorrow.

Have a pretty cloud day!

Jo 🙂

Masks and Robins

It’s been pretty rainy the last few days, which I like, and, to be honest, nothing really interesting has happened. We did a smidge of work on making Mom’s old room the craft/barbie/photo/clothing room, but stalled out because we have to order the contact paper on line and need to buy the paint for the furniture.

We had a visitor the other day. I went to put towels away and saw this:

Of course we went outside…

Eventually the little one took off, but he was there long enough we were worried he was stuck.

As to masks, I have a stack of those beauty face masks so I’ve decided I need to start using them. This one looks a bit Martian

And I leave you with a bonus John Jones.

Have a tiny visitor kind of day

Jo 🙂

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