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Hello! Hope you’re all enjoying fall. Things have gotten pretty autumn like around here.

Hopefully the color is good on Sunday.

This weekend we went to a couple haunted attractions. Sinister Sidney is an outdoor trail that you walk. It was good, I did jump three times (people hopping out of the shadows) so that’s something! Also, the severed cow heads were pretty gross. The other was Highway 2 Hell (it’s on Highway 2 …get it? Ha ha!) It’s mostly indoor and it’s more of an immersive experience. It was pretty intense, and I recommend it, too!

On the way to Hamburg, we saw some fun hay bale art.

And in Hamburg we saw a couple of places that have their decorations done.

Had lunch at Mondos with the family, and got a couple more pics of their decorations. They have really gone all out. I love it!

Speaking of halloween decorations, we did get the last nine branches and potted the forest.

The green leaves will die off, but that’s ok. Wouldn’t want our haunted forest to look too fluffy. I’m sure the guy down at the local compost dump was curious why we filled 19 buckets with dirt and then took someone else’s cast off branches. Ha ha!

And that’s what I’ve got so far. Now we’ll see if this will post.

Jo 🙂

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