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Black and White or Color?

Working on the pamphlet for Mom’s memorial on Sunday. I have the inside sussed (she wrote the obituary except for a couple of small edits I made, and I picked the photo. The clip art came from vecteezy)

If you see a typo let me know!!

But I can’t decide about the front. She chose the photo – it comes from Dunans castle. Actually this isn’t the exact photo she chose – she had a low res one that came from the web, but when Duncan took some of her ashes there for us, he very awesomely took a much better quality image for me to use for this. He also took a bunch of other amazing photos there. Anyway, so the two choices are black and white or color:

I’m printing them myself, but ink isn’t really an issue – Walmart only sells the kind I need in a two pack of color and black, so not like I can save any money going one way or the other, so it’s purely an aesthetic choice.

After we get it chosen, then I need to spend a day printing them all up. Have to make my print layouts so they all line up. Fun times, haha!

I did get the funeral text all lined up – she left most of it, but not actually in order, just in disorganized chunks, so I have that sorted, and I found all the music she wanted. I’m not expecting a large turn out, maybe 20 people tops, but it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity.

That’s it for now. More later.

Have a pretty clip art kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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