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On and On

Spent the day getting all the things printed for Mom’s memorial on Sunday. There’s photos for the display and then the little booklets. We ended up going black and white just because color is such a pain usually. Though it worked fine this time because we just dropped a new cartridge in. It apparently dries up in just a couple days of sitting between print jobs, so we’re going to try scotch tape on it to see if that helps.

The bro also got the pictures hung finally, while I was printing everything.

The big news of the day was getting the ferryman put together.

The lake, or river, is a bit small. Gonna have to expand it…

(He came from Home Depot, btw, and you don’t wanna know how much he cost.)

I forgot to show y’all the portal we’re going to put on the bottom of the tree, it’s like a doorway to the underworld.

Yeah, that’s bark that has fallen off the tree, that way it will match. I don’t think I showed y’all the sign stencils, either.

Other than that we watched The Bat, which was very low on horror and big on mystery. A good movie, and a good mystery, though, so I recommend it.

And that about does it. Have to run to the store tomorrow for last minute things and get the stuff gathered up for Sunday. I may take Monday off to decompress, I don’t know yet. We’ll see what kind of mood I’m in. Luckily, I won’t have to read the service, as Monica has agreed to do it. I thought she was a good choice because a) she’s super nice and b) she didn’t know mom really, so she didn’t have that emotional attachment that makes it hard to get through. I was going to try it, but since we’re filming it for out of town relatives, I didn’t want to put myself bawling on the internet. I dunno, I’m kind of uncomfortable with the whole thing being online, but I get it. Mel is gonna handle the music, I found the links but she has an Alexa speaker, lol! That way everyone can hear it. Gonna have to take them out to dinner sometime, though good luck because they’re sneaky about paying…

But, anyway, everything is printed and put in their frames, we even got table cloths. The bro wants to burn some incense, so gotta get some sand for the bowl, and then Mom wanted everyone to drink a toast. She wanted wine, but we can’t have alcohol in a state park, so she’s getting sparkling juice. It’s a compromise she can just deal with, lol!

Anyway, off to bed so I can get up tomorrow.

Have a ferryman kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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