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Mom’s Memorial

We had Mom’s memorial on Sunday at Waubonsie park, like she requested. I meant to post this yesterday but didn’t have time (to be honest I am shirking work right now to do this, but, oh well.)

We ended up going black and white for the fliers.

We had it in the picnic shelter, which they would not let us reserve (they’re not making reservations this year because of covid, but are next year, if that makes sense to you.) Mel and Monica awesomely went early and claimed it, though we had some picnickers who were at the table next to it. After hearing us talk about a funeral, though, they took off. Not that I blame them. I mean, they could have stayed – we ended up not starting until three pm, so they had time.

My photo taking wasn’t really up to par, but you get the gist of the table arrangement, anyway. The painting is one of hers, and the books are all hers, too (they’re available on Amazon in paperback, and as free ebooks on Smashwords, by the way).

Since you can’t really see the photos…

If you want to watch the service I had to Facebook it for some people who couldn’t come. Facebook says that some of it is muted – probably the songs. They were Last of the Summer Wine, I’ll Fly Away, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and Amazing Grace with bagpipes.

Monica did a great job, and I owe her so much for reading that because I’m not sure I’d have been able to get through it. But maybe if I’d read it over several times…Luckily I didn’t have to find out.

After the ceremony we had a picnic because we’re a picnic family. (My Grandpa had what would now be diagnosed as social anxiety disorder, and so would never eat in a restaurant, so all family dinners that weren’t at a house were a picnic, even in the winter time. They called those freeze out picnics, ha ha!)

It was a really nice day for it – though there wasn’t as much autumn color as we were hoping for, but there was some:

And that about covers it. Now I better get to work before people start harassment mailing me, haha!

Have an autumn colors kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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