Dancing with the Devil

Been awhile. I fell off the blogging wagon. Though I’m in West Virginia right now, I haven’t really taken any photos, so not much to share. Been doing some of those digital art classes I’ve been supposed to be doing since July…yeah, those. They’re going to run out eventually, so I better get to it. I think I’m like 43% through it. Now that we’re past the how to use the (new to me) program and just drawing, it’s going faster as far as how long it takes me to move through the videos. The homework should take longer, but I’ve been half-assing it and being lazy trying to rush. (I always did the minimum necessary for a good grade in school and called it good) Some examples: 1) Create a character or share a character you previously created – yeah, it’s the Jo character from TTC. A lot of other people made brand new ones and I imagine spent hours on it. 2) this involved action lines and center of gravity which honestly I will probably not use because I think it’s more complicated than how I already do it. Other people did shading and even colors! Yeah…. 3) expressions. Yeah, they look fine, (though keep in mind other people did color and shading, too) but it’s low hanging fruit. Straight on, easy expressions that are symmetrical. Took me longer to watch the video than it did to draw those.

So, I decided to really go out for one of them, and since it’s not too bad, thought I’d share:

And that’s what I got. Oh, and a pumpkin painting, just a sec. There, I did take some pics of that. This is my painting, Amy’s painting, and some wine, because they have to give you wine at painting parties. My only complaint is that they drew the truck for us, and there are some lines that bug me because I followed them instead of trying to correct them. *sigh*

What else have I been doing? Eating dip and watching the K Drama Her Private Life. It was quite good, btw.

Oh, and I finally put up a new FB pic with the green hair that I don’t think I ever posted about. For that matter I never posted the final Halloween yard, did I? Bit late now Oh, well.

And now it’s past my bedtime because this is a day people place. 😉

Have a wine party kinda day!

Jo 🙂

P.S. The secret to the hair “glow” look is that I routinely do the blonde highlight kits, so my hair is varied shades of dark to blonde, then I use the Splat for brunettes…Which is super vivid on the blonde and of course darker on the brown. That’s how I did the red the year before last, too. I like the color variety it creates.

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