Got another lesson done today, so thought I’d share. It was about how hair can make a big difference to your character – like different styles make them look like different people. I did such a study years ago when learning to do manga:

Thane in 2008

You will be happy to note that, though tempting, I did not just turn that in. (I could have, you know) but instead I did a new one, so there!

I did a lazy version of the highlights/lowlights, but it’s passable. However, there was a bit about simplifying hair, and since there were a lot of lines in some of those, I tried simplifying the line art (also used a thinner brush) and did a more specific highlight/lowlight:

Yeah, yeah, the second one is better. Stop being lazy. Blah, blah.

I’d be remiss though, if I didn’t share my Victoria approved version – she was quite concerned about why they were nekkid, and felt it needed fixed. I did it on a top layer, so she said since it would cover girl #1s hair, she could stay that way, but the rest needed a dress.

So there’s the censor approved one 😉

Have a hair highlight kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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