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Nothing to Write Home About

Nothing interesting to say. Finished the Heaven’s Design Team anime the other day and need to find a new one. Also finished the K drama Romance is a Bonus Book. It was really good. Now it’s Amy’s turn to pick the next one, lol!

We finished Cobra Kai the other day – gosh I love that show. I didn’t think I would, wasn’t interested in it at all, but then hubby duped me into watching ir and it’s great! I love the character development in it and how even the “bad” guys get their moment to say, “hey, I don’t think I’m bad.” Because no one is a villain in their own story, and that’s a hard concept to pull off well, but they manage it.

Wow. Sounds like all I’ve been doing is watching TV. I wish! Got some book covers done. One set I really like.

Not that I don’t like others, but you know. Also been working on the gender swap and did some beta reading. And we got Christmas taken down, now I just need to deep clean and start painting ceiling tiles for the craft room.

Anyway, plenty to do, so I’m outta here.

Have a character development kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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