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Two Bands: One Name

Not much to share today. The bro had his infusion, paperwork got completed, life is rolling along like it always does. Someday there will be spare time. Maybe.

Since I didn’t do anything fit for public consumption, thought I’d share something interesting I ran into. Paul Durham of the (American) band Black Lab is putting out a solo album (there was a kickstarter. Now there’s that other thing. I should find the link to it. – found it. It’s Indie go go ) Of course, I’m down for that (gotta get that signed CD), and that comes with membership in the secret group…anyway I’ve been listening to Black Lab lately (mixed with Soul Asylum because, why not?), which led to a discussion with the bro about why they came up with that name. So I did a google search, but instead of finding the answer I found another band also named BlackLab (without the space). And though the names are pretty much the same (and if you believe wikipedia and bandcamp they came from the same place – a combination of Black Sabbath and Stereolab. which I find hard to believe that BOTH bands named themselves that after the exact same reason*), their music is nothing alike. Black Lab is alternative, while BlackLab calls themselves the dark witch doom duo.

Oh yeah.

Basically they are two Japanese women playing black metal, and honestly they’re pretty good. At least I’m enjoying their album Abyss. It’s an odd break from what I’ve been listening to, but it’s definitely fun. You should give it a listen.

Not much else to share that anyone wants or needs to hear about. I have a pile of work I need to do; some beta editing, a couple of covers, but I need more than five minutes on the laptop to get it done. As one of my friends says, “My life is just unmanageable at the moment”. LOL!

Have a dark witch doom kinda night!

Jo πŸ™‚

*(those screen caps from BandCamp and wikipedia)

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