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Lunar New Year and Such

Meant to post this last night but didn’t. Anyway, happy lunar new year. I don’t normally really notice except for in game events, but since I somehow missed the whole month of January, I figure it was like a freebie month and I’m willing to say this is the start of the year. Yay!

I looked some stuff up on it, and one site said to eat fish for good luck. Funnily enough we’d planned fish for that night already. So here is my lucky fish.

It was ok. Didn’t save the recipe, because the other one we have is better by a lot.

We had a snowpocalypse scheduled for today. Man. You should see how much snow and ice we got. It’s insane!

Yeah. Since it was supposed to be terrible weather, we’d planned chicken soup. Even without that snow, the soup was good.

The only other thing worth sharing is that me Kimg Crow arrived from Squishable today. Meet Brân.

And it’s after midnight so I’m outta here.

Have a chicken soup kinda night.

Jo 🙂

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